As the Chinese National Day Holiday is coming, Chinese factories and carriers will stop working for a couple of days. Below is important information you should notice to prepare a plan for this Golden Week.

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A. When is Golden Week?
B. How will Golden Week impact on fulfillment?
C. How should I prepare for Golden Week?

A. When is Golden Week?

Golden Week will be celebrated from October 1st, 2020 to October 10th, 2020 .

Most Chinese factories will close for at least 3 first days of the holiday from October 1st, 2020.

Our warehouse team in China will be off from October 1st, 2020 to October 4th, 2020, and resume back to normal on Monday, October 5th, 2020.

Our carrier will have a 4-day holiday between October 1st, 2020 and October 4th, 2020, and be back at work on Monday, October 5th, 2020.

B. How will Golden Week impact on fulfillment?

As a result of the week-long national holiday, quoting, purchasing and fulfilling process get delayed.

Quoting: Chinese suppliers stop working during the holiday. If you request a quotation, please allow up to 7 days to receive your quotations so we have time to discuss thoroughly with the suppliers and get the best price for you.

Purchasing: other merchants tend to overbook products 14 days before the celebration starts and 7 days after it ends. The products you place with us can be out of stock or arrive late during this period. Once the products are in stock, we will surely inform you.

Fulfilling orders: orders can not be processed from October 1st, 2020 to October 4th, 2020. We will deal with the orders as the highest priority right after our warehouse team comes back to the office.

Shipping orders: delivery of orders fulfilled in this period will be delayed for 3-5 days compared to normal time. We will work closely with the carrier to support your shipping inquiries.

C. How should I prepare for Golden Week?

We will do everything we can to support you, but preparing your fulfillment plan earlier will help you mitigate risks. Here is how you can prepare:

Request quotations and purchase products at least 7 days before the Golden Week.

Purchase larger quantity than normal to avoid running out of products while waiting for factories to reopen.

Request fulfilling your orders as usual but please remind that we can not process the orders until October 5th, 2020.

Keep customers posted on shipping delays via website and communication channels, and adjust advertisement campaign during this time.

If you need our help with anything, please contact us at

We truly appreciate your understanding and try our best to do better!
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