General Questions

What is CrossPanda? How does your service work?

Which benefits do I have when using CrossPanda service?

Where is your warehouse located?

What is your shipping fee?

Which countries do you support delivery? How long does it take to ship my orders?

Which ecommerce platforms do you integrate?

Which kind of products could you source?

Do you have an automated app?

Product Sourcing

How can I request quotations for my products?

When will I receive my quotations?

Where can I find my quotations?

How many products can I request for quotes?

How can I request quotations without product links?

Do you have restrictions with certain products?

Why some of the product prices is more expensive than AliExpress?

Does the price include shipping fee?


How can I purchase products for storage with CrossPanda?

What payment methods do you accept?

When will my stock be available in your warehouse?

Do you require a minimum or maximum stocking quantity?

How can I check my inventory?

Can you send me a picture of my product when it arrives in the warehouse?

Do I have to stock inventory before fulfill my orders?

Order Fulfillment

How do I fulfill my orders?

What does my order status mean?

Why can't I find my orders in the app?


Can I have my own custom packaging?

How is your packaging better than other suppliers in AliExpress?

Shipping and Tracking

How long will the tracking numbers be updated in CrossPanda app?

What is the standard shipping time?

What if the shipping is delayed?

The tracking status shows as delivered but my customers say they haven't got their packages. What should I do?

What is the last mile delivery tracking number? How can I track it?

Why do my packages have USPS shipping label while they were sent by FedEx?

Can I generate tracking numbers before my orders are fulfilled?

What if I don't want the tracking number to show the items are from China?

Replacement and Refund

Do you handle returns?

How can I file claim for my orders?

Where can I find the replacment/refund policy?
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