Email notification

After receiving your claims, CrossPanda team will send claim updates to the email address you registered for CrossPanda app.

Claim status in our app

You can visit the Claim section in the app to check your claims. Claims are sorted into 8 different states:

New: claims have been created recently and we are about to check them.

In review: we offer solution for your cases and need you to review.

Need more evidence: here is the tab showing claims which require more proof. Please read our comments and help us collect more information. This article lists which proof you should include when filing your claims.

Approved: CrossPanda team and you come to an agreement for the final solution to claims. Normally, it would be a refund or replacement.

Resent: replacements for claimed orders are processed. New tracking numbers are linked to order numbers at the right hand of the CrossPanda's responses.

Refunded: we transferred refund money. In each claim, click on Refund invoice in the CrossPanda's responses to check payment transaction.

Rejected: claims have been disapproved. Please contact Live Chat team if you need your claims rechecking.

Canceled: you have canceled these claims before our review.
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