Since the shipping rate varies per country, time period, product weigh, packaging and shipping method, we will collect an estimated amount of shipping fee in advance, and then transfer it to a balance account which is withdrawn or topped up when you fulfill orders.

To understand CrossPanda balance, please refer to this solution.

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A. How can you estimate shipping fee?
B. Important note about EU Tax Reform

A. How can you estimate the shipping fee?

Here are 3 factors we use to calculate shipping fee:

Product variants

Destination country: This is the main market you target to sell your products.

Shipping method

The destination country you select will decide which shipping methods are available. United States and European countries will have 5 corresponding options: ePacket, Prime shipping, Electronic Shipping New, Global Shipping and ExpressShipping while others countries might experience less shipping methods.

After selecting the options for these factors above, you can view the estimated amount in the quotation. Enter ordered quantity to check the final price.

B. Important note about EU Tax Reform

Customs duty must be paid for all goods imported to the EU according to EU Tax Reform. Therefore, the shipping fee that merchants must pay when fulfilling orders will be included an additional tax cost.

Your shipping fee will include the cost of additional taxes
The formula for additional tax is: Additional tax = Total base cost x Tax rate.

In which:

Total base cost is sum of the lowest base cost of each item.
Tax rate = Standard rate + 2%.
Standard rate is configured by country. You can see the detailed list of tax rates applied in EU countries in this article.
2% is the amount used for customs procedures for all goods imported to the EU.

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