In order for Cross Panda to fulfill your orders from ShopBase or Shopify stores, first you need to export them to a CSV file corresponding to this template

Then, import this file by following these steps below:

Go to My order on dashboard -> Import Orders.

Select your product identity

Merchants often use SKU and product name to manage their inventory. The app will base on one of them to determine if products placed for orders are the same product or not. Products with the same SKU or product name will be regarded as one product.

Depending on your inventory management habit, it's optional to choose your product identity. However, in some special cases below, the app can only detect csv file if you select the correct indentity:
CSV file does not include a category for one of the identities -> select the existing one.
SKU of all products are identical -> add variant to product name -> select product name.

Click Load file -> upload the file from your computer -> Hit Import

If your file is valid, importing is successful. You will receive a message like this:

Our system will send importing results to you via email.

If your file isn't valid, error messages will pop up and show where the error is on the file. Here is an example:

Please check this table to find the scenario corresponding to the error message:

After editing your file, select Load new file and import as usual.

You can upload files exported from ShopBase and Shopify without editing following the template.
Imported order will be displayed in My orders/Waiting orders page. Filter by Imported orders option to find them.
You can search by Filename and delete imported orders that haven't been fulfilled yet.
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