Understanding order status to manage your orders effectively.

If you log into the app >> My order, you will see your orders displaying in 8 different status:

To order: orders have been paid by your customers and are waiting for you to stock products placed in the orders. Please check if you request a quotation for the products, make purchase for them, and send fulfillment request.

Out of stock: orders that are sent fulfillment requests while there isn't enough quantity in stock. Stock more items and wait for 3-5 days when you receive an email notifying the arrival of the items. Thus, you can re-fulfill the orders.

Awaiting stock: you made purchase for the products of these orders but they have been still in transport to the warehouse. These orders will automatically change to Send fulfillment request tab when the items arrive.

Ready to fulfill: orders come with available products in your stock and are ready to be shipped. By default, the page will be directed to this tab when you visit My order. All you need to do is to press fulfill orders and check these ones on the Send fulfillment request tab.

On hold: your customers may contact you to request canceling their orders or change product of the orders. Keep these orders in this tab until your customers confirm how they want you to process the orders.

Send fulfillment request: orders that are requested to fulfill and waiting for the warehouse team to process.

In processing: the warehouse team is doing final preparation such as packing, labeling, inspecting before sending the orders to the carrier.

Shipped: The carrier took care of the orders and provided tracking numbers for them.

All orders: all orders from the tabs above.
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