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A. What is CrossPanda balance?
B. How do you use it?

A. What is CrossPanda balance?

There are 2 types of payments involved while you purchase CrossPanda products: product cost and shipping fee. Since the shipping rate varies per country, time period, product weigh and packaging, we will only collect an estimated amount of shipping fee. The payment for shipping fee will be transferred to a credit account which is withdrawn or topped up when you fulfill orders.

B. How do you use it?

You will need to notice these transactions in the balance: IN and OUT transactions. Go to app >> Home section >> CrossPanda Balance >> Transaction history.

The transaction can be filtered out via time period and exported to a CSV file.

* IN transaction:

Shipping fee is deposited after you purchase products.
Difference amount will be added to your balance when the shipping rate decreases.
Refund for shipping fee of orders with multiple items. Depending on weigh and volume, some products of same orders can be packed in one package, which helps to reduce packaging fee and shipping cost.

* OUT transaction:

Shipping fee is withdrawn when orders are successfully fulfilled.
Difference amount is charged if the shipping rate increases.

At this scenario, orders will be directed to "failed" tab and informed with alert message The balance for shipping cost is not available. Please make the payment to continue the fulfillment.

Please add on your balance by visiting Payment history >> Open tab>> Select the orders >> Press Pay and make the payment following these steps.

That's all you need to go. If you have any further concerns, please contact us on
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